Local Investigator Scheme

The aim of the Local Investigator scheme is to develop and support individuals at local centres and equip them with the training and skills to be co-investigators or trainee investigators in multicentre research trials.

Person Specification

The scheme is designed to support those who are interested in participating in research but who have limited time or experience.

Key benefits

  • Provision of training in research skills
  • Supporting investigators in fulfilling co-investigator roles
  • Enabling investigators to progress to leading a study at their own site as a PI
  • Recognition of contribution to various multicentre trials

The CTN will organise two events every year for investigators, both of which will have a training component and provide an opportunity for investigators to develop their own ideas and studies.

Prospective members wishing to undertake the Local Investigator scheme should select this option when registering on our Join the CTN page.