Investigator Schemes


The CTN currently offers four registration schemes for prospective researchers:


Registration is voluntary and can be made via the secure area of the CTN website. Applicants will be able to select which scheme they wish to apply for at the time of registration. We expect most members of the PI scheme to be consultant level; unless you expect to be eligible to act as a Principal Investigator on most CTN studies, you should apply for the Local Investigator scheme. Choice of scheme does not preclude acting as PI for individual studies.

Investigators, other than Associate, should upload a 1-2 page CV with contact details, qualifications, current appointment details, research experience/interests along with a current GCP certificate, a photo and a short biography. For Associate Investigators, please go here to find out more information about the scheme. Applications are reviewed by CTN administration staff and candidates registered for a period of 2 years in the first instance. Details of other current members are accessible via the secure area of the website, to aid networking.

Training and Mentorship

The CTN will organise two events every year for investigators, both of which will have a training component and provide an opportunity for investigators to develop their own ideas and studies. Members of the schemes will be involved with hosting, chairing or presenting at the meeting. A mentorship or support scheme, with Chief Investigators agreeing to mentor local PIs on their studies, is being developed.


To become accredited, members of an investigator scheme would be expected to:

  • Make an active contribution to at least one study in a 2 year period
  • Attend at least two meetings or training days in a 2 year period

Maintenance of accreditation:

  • Maintain a current GCP certificate
  • Submit a short annual resume of research activity
  • Evidence an ongoing commitment to research activity

Recognition of Contribution

This is an important function of the scheme and may include:

  • Awards for investigator contributions, e.g. exceptional recruiters, investigator/team of the year, overcoming local difficulties.
  • Ensuring that trials endorsed or supported by the CTN recognise the contribution of local investigators by authorship or other recognition in publication of the main trial or sub-studies.
  • Opportunities to organise, chair or present at the CTN or other NIAA endorsed meetings.