Research Leaders Scheme

The Clinical Trials Network (CTN) aspires to nurture and support interested clinicians with experience in research at a local level, to progress to become grant co-applicants, members of clinical research investigator groups and ultimately Chief Investigators.

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The CTN Research Leaders scheme is designed for a very small number of leaders of future clinical research, around five at any one time, who are individually selected at competitive interview from amongst existing members of both the Local and Principal Investigator scheme.

The Research Leaders (RL) scheme will necessarily be based on prior research experience, including recruitment of patients to research as a trainee, and undertaking the roles of local investigator, local principal investigator and grant co-applicant. In most cases potential RLs will be building upon knowledge, skills and personal attributes already developed through the scheme for local and principal investigators, as well as by working on trials with a more experienced investigator acting as CI and enhanced by attending RL training days organised by the CTN.

Person Specification

Applicants will be existing members of the POMCTN Local or Principal Investigator scheme, with a proven track record of recruitment to clinical research. For details on CTN membership please visit the registration page. They will also ideally have the experience of a complete research cycle, perhaps as a grant co-applicant, through to publication and dissemination of results. Applications are welcomed from individuals of any clinical background of relevance to perioperative medicine. Applicants are encouraged to discuss the position informally before applying. To do so please contact the POMCTN.


Successful appointments to the POMCTN Research Leaders Scheme will be expected to attend two in-person training meetings and other events each year at which experienced researchers will lead discussions, exchange of views and problem based tutorials covering important practical and theoretical topics in the delivery of clinical trials and other applied research methods.They will be attached to an established senior researcher who will provide mentorship and exposure to the leadership and governance of research. Candidates who have a pre-existing relationship of this type already in place can be accommodated on the scheme.


Broad competencies to be covered in mentor meetings and supplemented by the CI training days include:

  • Project management
  • Developing an Application
  • Trial Design and Methodology
  • Ethics and Approvals
  • Statistics
  • Finance and administration
  • Health economics
  • Academic writing

Job Description

 CTN RL Job Description 2023 FINAL.pdf (110 KB)

Those wishing to register an interest in the Chief Investigator Scheme should contact the CTN.